A Fruity Playlist for Your Summer Road Trip

Jul 28, 2021

It’s road trip season, and there’s nothing like a good playlist to hype up the trip. In fact, curating the perfect travel mix is one of my favorite prerequisites to hitting the road. In the ’90s, we called them mixtapes, and they are just as fun to make now as they were then. (And they were really freakin’ fun in the ’90s)

A good playlist transports you. It heightens the experience, engages your senses, and helps keep you present and in the moment. Not to mention, listening to a travel playlist before you embark on your journey puts you in the mood for it, taking you there early. And on the flip side, post-trip, it’ll take you back.

Road tripping in the summer requires a playlist that epitomizes the fun-loving season, and nothing does this better than a song about fruit. Sweet, juicy, sun-ripened, and served by glittering poolside, tree-shaded picnic, or warm moonlit soiree. The tartness of a cherry, the fuzzy skin of a peach, the satisfying crunch from a watermelon…why, the inspiration for song is obvious! And let’s face it, a song about fruit can’t really take itself too seriously. These tunes are playful, refreshing, nostalgic, and more than a little flirtatious, just like the months of June, July, and August.

So fill up your coolers, don your sunnies, and hit the road while enjoying these fruity jams throughout your summer festivities, including my favorite- cruising in the car with the windows down and the volume up. Even if it’s just running out to your local farmer’s market, you’ll find this playlist a reliable companion all summer long. Click below to play!

Also, be sure to visit my Spotify profile for more themed playlists to travel to year-round.

01. Tangerine by Glass Animals

02. Tutti Frutti by Little Richard

03. Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles

04. Peaches by Bob Schneider

05. Coconut by Harry Nilsson

06. Cherry Bomb by John Mellencamp

07. Watermelon Man by Monto Santamaria

08. I Heard It Through the Grapevine by Marvin Gaye

09. Strawberry Bubblegum by Justin Timberlake

10. Strawberry Swing by Coldplay

11. Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

12. Cherry by Harry Styles

13. Clementine by Pink Martini

14. Fruit Tree by Nick Drake

15. Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles

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