Lindsey Cooley

Now what kind of whimsy can we create?

Take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and imagine you're a kid again. You're chewing a fresh piece of bubble gum, still soft and fruity flavor fresh. You've got dirt on your hands and a scraped knee from carefree living. Spending the day imagining, learning, and playing is what you do. You're not making dinner tonight, you're being called to it. 

Do you remember what it's like? There's no limit to dreaming and possibility. There's this imagination unmatched, creativity that's not judged or criticized. (No wonder Willy Wonka sought out a child to take over his chocolate his business.) My goal is to bring that fun creativity to my work. 

I've got my sleeves rolled up and pencil sharp

Freelance travel Writing


Map creation


Maps hand-made with tender-loving care, to commemorate a special trip, event, or place. Perfect for that personalized gift.  

Is there something you would like drawn up custom besides a map?
Let's talk!

Topics including:
Travel & Relating to Travel
Hotel Reviews
Boutique Business
Real Estate & Home Interiors



Kindness is king.

Diversity is beautiful.

Honesty is the best policy.

Love is the greatest of these.

Open communication leads to better results.

Creativity is the new Wall Street.

Hard work means better sleep.

Chocolate = happiness.

Wonka is wise.


My Values and Beliefs