Most fall bucket lists include apple picking. Ohio has plenty of orchards to choose from. But the apple activity doesn’t stop there. Here are my top suggestions for everything apple in the Buckeye State.

Oct 25, 2021

A couple of years back, Phil and I took a trip out to Saugatuck, Michigan, in the heart of the “Michigan Fruit Belt”. It was early fall, the air was just starting to turn crisp, and the fruit trees were exploding with their sweet and tart flavors. It was the perfect time for apple-picking, which was at the forefront of our minds and helped us make the decision on where to stay. What we didn’t realize was that there would be so much more than just apple-picking to enjoy in this town full of flavor. If you’re looking for a relaxing trip full of variety, look no further than Saugatuck, Michigan.

Oct 8, 2021

I get really excited when there’s something new I get to try in my local area. Especially when it’s been under my nose the whole time. That was my experience with Alglamesis Bros in Cincinnati. I grew up thinking Graeters was the Queen City’s one and only, but there’s room to share. This old-fashioned parlor is an experience to visit and serves not only really yummy ice cream, but Italian ice and chocolates, as well.

Sep 21, 2021

Summer is my favorite season, but so is autumn. So naturally, late August to September is my sweet spot. These are the days I start squeezing out all the warm weather activities, celebrating every sparkling drop. Here are some of my favorite summer activities in “the heart of it all”, a round-up of my favorites I’ve been saving for last.

Sep 14, 2021

I have a passion for exploring local agriculture when I travel, and that passion started at home here in Ohio. Today I share my favorite farmer’s markets between Dayton and Cincinnati, and what keeps me coming back every year. Whether on a farm, side of the road, or smack dab in the city, these places are full of local quality and charm.

Aug 12, 2021

Nothing screams summer like a song about fruit. Sweet, juicy, sun-ripened, and ready to enjoy by sparkling pool, shaded picnic, or neighborhood barbecue. Here I’ve curated my favorite fruity jams, meant to be enjoyed throughout summer festivities, especially my favorite- cruising in the car with the windows down and the volume up.

Jul 28, 2021

I’ve been picking so many strawberries this season that my fingertips should be stained red. I need some recipes to utilize these rubied beauties. Strawberry Spoon Cake sounds hard to a novice baker like myself. However, The New York Times insists it’s super easy. Let’s see for ourselves.

Jun 21, 2021

Last year the city’s Strawberry Festival was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The same thing happened this year as well, except the festival board passed an exception to make a smaller, more intimate community celebration called the Strawberry Jam. The experience was just as sweet.

Jun 16, 2021

Why is Troy known as “The Strawberry Capital of Ohio”? It might have something to do with one of the largest strawberry farms east of the Mississippi. Throw in an annual Strawberry Festival and now we’re onto something. Here we’ll explore both. And the conclusions are just as sweet as June’s beloved berry.

Jun 12, 2021

This month I’m inspired to travel for the juiciest, sweetest, most misshapen strawberries grown in the U.S. I’ve scouted out the big producers: California, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Oregon. Here are my top U-pick farms to visit and the delicious strawberry treats to find along the way!

Jun 4, 2021